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SQUENIX Dressin' Room

We are our own cross over!

The Square-Enix Dressing Room
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The Square-Enix Dressing Room

;What is a Dressing Room?

So, what is a Dressing Room you ask? Well, they are where you (thats right, you!) can come test out characters or just play with some characters that have been lurking in your brain and you just wanna play with them. Here at the Squenix Dressing room, we accept AUs, Canon, Genderbent, Crack and more characters-the only limit when it comes to them. Before you do anything to the character they must be from a SQUARE, ENIX or SQUARE ENIX GAME.

Want a Female!Cloud, sure! A D.Gray-Man!Serge? Assassin of Time-Destroyer of Time? Same thing! Ashton Anchors? Alright! FF7Verse!Sakura from Tsubasa? No. Tsubasa!Yuuki? Sure!

We do not allowed the MMORPG characters or FMA characters, even if they do have games made by Square-Enix.

;Rules and Suchlike
To break rules in a Dressing Room, you gotta be special. And I don't mean that in the nice way.

1.) This is not SERIOUS BUSINESS. Seriously. This is a Dressing Room. No Plot, just fun.

2.) If you have a problem, please contact the maintainer. Info is down in the 'Affiliates and Maintainer' section.

3.) There will be a lot of multiples. Do not use your character to insult others AUs or characterizations. If you have a problem, just send a note to the person asking whats up about it.

4.) Use Character journals. Not personal ones.

5.) You may only bring in characters from Square, Enix or Square-Enix Games.

6.) Have fun!
;Affiliates and the Maintainer
Boheme freedomoneshift
AIM: Freedomoneshift
E-Mail Freedomoneshift [at] gmail [dot] com


If you wanna affiliate just contact me! Thank you :D

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